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This is all thoroughly provisional, and at least a year out of date most of the time.
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ASCII-armoured GPG Public Key (4K) ID: FB863251A86F9E47
Fingerprint: 4789EF23C3DEFF0556879CAAFB863251A86F9E47
Matrix chat/call: @wookey:matrix.org
Mastodon: @wookey@fosstodon.org
VOIP phone status: status (sip:9178850@sipgate.co.uk)
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Useful links


Links direct to stuff I do:


House-fettling, DIY, car spannering


Computing (Free Software)

Talks and Presentations

I've given a lot of talks over the years, mostly on Free Software subjects with a few on Caving technology. Many of these are now available online

Other stuff that might conceivably be of interest:

Hardware Hacking Activism

Holidays - Info and pics from some of my trips. Might also explain why I'm not responding to your queries right now.

'Wookey', is that it? or why I haven't got a proper name (by popular demand)

Contacting me - email, post, phone, car, foot etc. Tel:(daytime) 01223 858045 (+44 1223 858045 from outside the UK, Time: GMT or GMT+1 in summer)

Email contact

All these emails are me. These addresses sadly have to be obfuscated due to that activities of spammer scum - the bit before the colon (domain) goes after the @, the bit after (username) goes before.