Solar PV installation

Scaffolding arrives on 1st morning.
Installers (EvoEnergy) start attaching brackets and struts to rafters.
On day 2 panels start getting fitted (Sharp NU-180)
Tweaking panel alignment so it looks right :-)
Shiny new generation meter starting on nearly zero.
One tile doesn't quite go back into place due to strut interference. Doesn't really matter.
View of panels to east
View of panels to west
Front of Fronius display board
back of Fronius display board
Fronius Personal Display
Fronius IG30 inverter with AC and DC isolators (mounted on somewhat ugly board)
Inverter fitted in corner of office
Leccy cupboard with new CU at top, Solar Isolator and generation meter below (and original installation below that)
Panels to the west
panels to the east
Bracket positioned in trough of tile. Its thickness lifts tile slightly
Tile removed to show how bracket holding struts in place fits. Screwed into rafters (not at all neatly in this example).
Showing how the bracket lifts the tile above slightly from its original position.
Cables going into loft via chimney flashing - 2 strings, 4 cables
Cables from both strings heading for chimney
Return cable routed along top of solar thermal panels
PV cable reouted about thermal manifold. I worry slightly about it rubbing in the wind eventually.
Fronius wireless card - front. LM239s, HF636 optoisolators, F311 Silabs PIC and mysterious wireless module.
Back of Fronius wireless card
The full set of pannelage. Some shading on left from large cherry tree, even after it was severely cut back.
Shiny new solar panels. Photo shows morning shading in November, just about clear on the RHS.