Wook's DIY: cars, and house-fettling

Photos © Wookey

I'n a handy person so I generally do my own spannering. And as we bought a run-down house I've done an awful lot of DIY in the last few years too...

Here's a few annotated photos to give you a feel for it.

Better quality images & thumbnails will get done one day - for now you just get the raw scans jpegged indiscriminately.


Sensible house fettling (bricking up old flue to fit boiler)
Refixing the ridge tiles with comedy roof-ladder made from a bit of old ladder tied to a plank, then abseiling off the chimney - a very entertaining day.
Shortly after getting your new house you get to have a really big bonfire of some of the junk you've dug out of the garden. This one was a bit bigger than we were intending...


Wookmobile IIb (the b refers to the fact the shell - aka 'big red bit' - was replaced after a rolling off a Swiss motorway in 1993.
A nice day in Yorkshire, and Tess gets driven to the cave in style.
The trusty van is very well-travelled. A beatiful evening by a lake somewhere in France.
It's traditional for me to fettle my van on holiday. This is in a field in Matienzo, Spain. We're fettling the fan system and adding a manual override, mostly to avoid going caving.
Tess's now-departed Citroen Visa, bought for £25 that then went on for about 4 years including several rallies. This is taking the engine out to replace the clutch (bloody silly design!)