Batavus Relaxx 7-speed hub gears, 26" rear, 20" front, overseat steering

11/09/11 16:27:21
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This is a really fun bike to ride, which turns people's heads, but is also a sensible commuting bike, with hub gears (Shimano Nexus 7) and roller brakes which need zero maintenance.

This is a great 'first recumbent' as it's easy to ride, practical, provides good visibility, and isn't hopelessly expensive.

Also included are, a built-in front light, mudguards, two rear-view mirrors (really handy), and a pair of look pedals, as well as the SPDs in the picture. The wiring is present for a rear light mounted on a back rack.

I used this as my commuting machine for 3 years and it was a great bike. It's not the fastest recumbent in the world as it's relatively heavy, but that makes it reliable and comfortable and it'll go on forever. It's a practical compromise between a low-rider and an upright bike, so you still get a good view of the world, but also an efficient and supremely comfortable riding position.

You can sit back and watch the world go by from your 'cycling armchair'. Stiff shoulders and neck are totally banished compared to riding an upright, and you notice a whole load more of the world as you aren't staring at the tarmac right in front of you. The handlebars have adjustable angle so you can set a comfortable position. The small front wheel means that even a shortarse like me can easily get a foot down at traffic lights, so it's not difficult to ride.

Kids often shout 'cool bike' as you whizz past. The bright yellow frame and recumbent form mean this isn't a 'stealth' machine.

It has mounts for a standard rear rack and for a full-length pump under the main frame tube.

The seat height is 55cm (at bottom of backrest). The seat angle (and base mount position) are adjustable so it can be more upright than in the pics.

The bike is current set up for someone 1.63m (5'4") tall, which is the smallest it can accomodate (The seat is mounted 6cm forward of the normal position). The seat can trivially be adjusted 6cm back which should be about right for someone approx 1.75-1.8m tall. The frame has adjustment to accommodate very tall people, but that requires a longer chain and unsticking the boom adjustment which I've never moved, so could be tricky if you want to come for a test ride. It would work better for a taller person than me as you'd see over the handlebars better.

It's barely longer than a normal bike so should fit in your bike shed easily and it generally fits into cars that will take a whole upright bike (hatchback with back seats down, etc).

It's not a new machine - probably about 15 years old - I am its second owner, and it spent quite a few of those years sitting in a shed), so whilst it is mechanically in good condition (all bearings, brakes, steering, drivetrain working well) a few things are a bit tired and would benefit from some fettling:

It had a new bottom bracket in March 2010, new rear cog in Nov 2010, and new front tyre in April 2011.

I need the space in the bike shed, and hope this bike goes to a good home. It could be a real bargain for someone. If you don't like the price below, make me an offer. I'm selling because I've now got a really short urban commute for which an upright is more suitable, and my wife bought me a really nice one. I shall miss this bike which has been a lot of fun.

I don't really want to post it as it's a very awkward thing to ship, collection from Cambridge much preferred, but I guess I could be persuaded if you really want it.

250 GBP
01223 858102