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Wook and Tess
Wook and Tess, (in Yosemite, 2005). Thanx to a couple of random hikers for the pic.

Name: Wookey
Born: 1967, UK
My 'artistic director' is Tess Jones. In April 1995 we became a house-owning democracy. This has meant a great deal of DIY and gardening for both of us, but did mean I could park as many crap cars outside as I like without getting hassled by the landlord. We are now on our second house.


[This info provided in case you are looking for a Wookey but not sure if you have the right one] Lived in Shavington, Cheshire (between Nantwich & Crewe) from age 1-13, attending Shavington Junior School, followed by Sandbach School. Then the family moved to Broadstone, near Poole, Dorset, so I went to Corfe Hills School and then Canford for the Sixth form. My parents still live there.


I have one younger sister, Jill Wookey, who lives in London and is an employment lawyer, and, typically, 2 parents: Avery & Bill (Mr & Mrs W.G being more their style).


Might as well just read my Linked-in profile.