Car bits for sale

Photos © Wookey

Here are pics of various items I currently want to get rid of to generate some space in my insanely full shed. I could put them all on ebay but am giving andyspares people first dibs as you've been very helpful in the past.

They are all from the fine XUD series engines - 1.9 turbo, 1.9 NA and 1.7 NA.

On this page we have:

I'm in Cambridge if you want to come and collect, otherwise I'll post at cost.

Fell free to dicker about the prices if you don't think they are reasonable. I'm more interested in not throwing away perfectly good stuff then in getting rich, but some of these ought to be worth something to some people. For the various pipes I'll throw those in with something more significant, or charge a few quid each. (turbo air pipes are 30 quid each from the scrappy I discovered!).

Also because of the way these bits were collected from various sources and engines I'm rather vague about what some of them are for - do please correct any errors here (it's the intercoolers and pipes I'm a bit vague about).


Citroen BX radiator. Not tested by me, but reported to be good. 3 quid.
Nice big intercooler. Front-mounted. Good condition. From Xantia. 20 quid.
Air pipe to go with intercooler.
Top-mounted intercooler for peugeot 405. Should also fit 306 and Citroen BX. 10 quid
Top-mounted intercooler for pug 405/306, view from below.
Inlet manifold for above intercooler, From 405
Air intake pipe to turbo (405)
Pipe from turbo outlet to intercooler. 405
Air pipe elbow - not sure what from...
Citroen visa/C15 (XUD7) electronic glowplug controller.
HP pump from Xantia.
Lower half of inlet manifold for 1.9NA from Peugeot Expert
Upper part of above Inlet manifold. Peugeot Expert
Brand new water pump for Xantia. GBP 10
Water pipe round back of engine. From XUD9A (NA)