CUCC was invited by Patrick harris, a retiree living near Parga on the West coast on Greece, to examine the valley where a huge seasonal lake forms and drains away into the sea, to check out possible ways of tapping this huge water supply for the benefit of the locals. Sounded interesting, so after a bit of research a small group of us went to look at the area in April 97, on the 1st cheap tourist flight to the area. <Map of
recce area> Here is a map showing Parga. The valley is a couple of miles inland.We stayed in the village of Margariti, also marked.

The sink we found was impressive, but mostly unenterable without a big dig. We also had a bit of a flodding problem when it rained and the whole lot disappeared under a couple of metres of water. The Expedition report is available from Wookey, and might get published here one day.